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Loan Financing

1. Working capital loan
Working capital loan is applicable for the daily business and production turnover within the scope of the borrower's business and shall not be used for investment,such as fixed assets or stocks.Working capital loans refer to loans issued in order to meet the reasonable demand for continuous use of funds in the daily operations of high-quality borrowers,and their future comprehensive income and other legal revenue as the sources of repayment.

2. Project financing
Project financing should meet all the following features:
(i) Loan purpose is usually used to build a or a group of large-scale production equipment, infrastructure or other projects.
(ii) The borrower is usually for construction, run the project or for the project financing specifically the formation of business, also include mainly engaged in the project, business or financing of both business.
(iii) Repayment funding depends the project resulting sales, subsidies income or other income, generally do not have the other repayment source.

3. Fixed assets loan
Fixed assets loan refers to loans that are generated to meet the needs of the borrowers in the process of production and operation based on the investment activities of fixed assets, such as new construction, expansion, development, purchase or renovation and so on, issued with its future comprehensive benefits as a source of repayment.It is not applicable to the conditions of real estate loans.

4. Project operation support loan
The high quality project which is on the premise of completion and production, obtains loan support from commercial banks, in order to meet borrower’s flexibility in arranging funds and reduce the cost of financing needs to replace the existing bank financing of the project,the project operation is continuous and stable produced cash flow is the main source of repayment of the loan.

5.Housing development loan
Housing development loan refers to the loans issued by our bank to the borrower for the construction of housing and its supporting facilities. A comprehensive real estate project with a total investment proportion of more than 50% of the total investment in the house is managed by the housing development loan.

6.Commercial housing development loan
Commercial housing development loan refers to the loans issued by the bank to real estate development enterprises for commercial projects such as office buildings,shopping malls, hostels (hotels) and other supporting facilities.

7.Operating property support loan
Operating property support loan refers to the continuous and stable cash flow generated form future operation of the operating property assets that has been constructed and put into normal operation as the source of the first repayment. In order to satisfy loans granted by the borrower in the production and operation in line with the financing needs of the relevant state for its use.

8.Financing guarantee
Financing guarantee means the legal act in which, the Branch, as the guarantor, in response to the application of the guaranteed party or counter-guarantor, promises to the beneficiary in written form, such as letter of guarantee or standby letter of credit, that, when the guaranteed party fails to perform the obligations under financing transactions, the Branch will assume compensation or payment obligations on behalf of the guaranteed party. To be specific, the counter-guarantor may make an application only in case of overseas loan under overseas guarantee and financing L/G of overseas loan under overseas guarantee.